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When did she come back to the city?

a) 1 day later
b) 2 days later
c) 3 days later
When did she come back?
a) Morning
b) Afternoon
c) Evening
What was she surprised to see?
a) Lots of people
b) Little damage
c) No lights
What could people not recognize?
a) Their friends
b) The streets
c) Their cars
How did the people feel?
a) Relieved
b) Angry
c) In shock

So, Alexandra you were talking about a hurricane. What hurricane were you talking about?
I was talking about Hurricane Andrew, and as I said before, it was a category 5 hurricane.
I was not in the city when it came through, however I did come back about 24 hours later
and the difference in the city was amazing. I was driving down in the morning and it was
before sunrise. There was no lights south of maybe Brower county, which is the next county
north of Miami. It was dark. Normally when you travel on a highway, there's lights on
either side. There's lights of the city,the buildings, the waterways. Everythings lit. It's very strange
to drive down a city with the only lights being from your car. (Yeah) And as I was getting
closer to where I lived, there was no lights. You had to be careful. There were things in the
street. We even had friends who kept driving past the street where they lived but didn't
recognize it because everything had changed. There was, all the markers, the trees, buildings,
had completely either been demolished, or just weren't there anymore. So I had one friend
pass his street 3 times before he realized it was his street, so yeah, a lot of destruction, a lot of
people were in shock.
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