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Normally, what do lawyers try to do?

a) Settle in court
b) Settle before court
c) Settle after court
What does "pro bono" mean?
a) The lawyer is very good
b) The lawyer is professional
c) The lawyer works for free
What do lawyers often explain?
a) Leases
b) Law school
c) Their case history
Who do they sometimes represent?
a) Children
b) Society
c) Both
What kind of law will she practice?
a) Children's law
b) Labor law
c) Aviation law

So, Alexandra, you're going to be a lawyer. (Yes, I am) Now laywers, unfortunately,
often have a bad reputation. Why don't you talk about how lawyers are good for society:
Why we need lawyers!
Well, first we need lawyers because most of the time a lawyer will try to settle disputes
between parties before it gets to a courtroom. Usually you have one side that has a problem
and the other side is also aurgueing another point. So usually a lawyer will try to bring
the two sides into their offices and to mediate a dispute before it gets to a courtroom.
Another way a lawyer can help a society is usually lawyers can be very expensive, but there are
programs out there that help people with less money, not necessarily to get free advice, but
they can do it on a sliding scale, or a lawyer can do pro bono work which is free, and can help
someone just, sometimes all they need is a letter written to resolve a problem or they just need
somebody to go with them to court to explain what is going on, or just explain a lease
or some other document for them that doesn't take much time and makes the client feel a lot
better and a lot of times lawyers will take up the cause of children. If there is a custody
dispute or some sort of bad thing that's happening to a child that needs a visit to a courtroom, the lawyer
is there to be the lawyer for the child and no one else can influence the decisions that can be made
for the child. It's almost like a protection and many other communitites or other sections of society
that don't have a voice can get a voice through a lawyer.
OK, great and what kind of lawyer are you going to be?
An aviation lawyer.
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