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What did she write for her company?

a) Letters
b) Memos
c) Contracts
What did she do for her company?
a) Leasing
b) Negotiating
c) Both
What is leasing a plane similar to?
a) Building a house
b) Renting a car
c) Taking a trip
When do companies lease planes?
a) When their planes are being repaired
b) When their planes are new
c) When they want to save money
What can you get with a wet lease?
a) A plane
b) A pilot
c) An engine

Alexandra, you worked at an airport before. You said you worked in Aviation.

Yes, my previous job was write contracts for an aviation company and we bought
and sold airplanes and aircraft engines, so we did a lot of marketing and leasing
and speaking to people from different countries, and airlines wanting to buy
equipment, so a lot of negotiations.
Can you explain what leasing is?
Leasing is when our company owns a piece of equipment, either an airplane or an
engine and a customer has a need, for example, if their airplane has to do some
maintenance, and they need a replacement, then we will let them use our airplane
for a certain amount of months, like you rent a car, same thing, same idea.
Oh, wow. And you lease not only the plane but engines
As well. Sometimes you have an airplane that's delayed at the airport because of
some reason and they need to swap an engine out, or whatever.
Right before the plane takes off, they sometimes switch engines?
They'll take the passengers off and put them on another plane cause it takes a lot longer
than the 10 or 15 minute turn around, but, you will have, it's more an emergency type
of situation, so they'll take the engine off, and it might be and overnight deal so we go
ahead and furnish a replacement engine until they can move that plane back to where
it belongs or have the engine repaired.
So can you lease a pilot?
You can, yes, you can lease a crew. Yes! It's called a wet lease, and we used to do dry
leases meaning we only provided the equipment but a wet lease includes a full crew that will
fly the airplane, flight attendants, etc.
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