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How long has she lived in Miami?

a) 12 years
b) 20 years
c) All her life
What is the best thing about Miami?
a) The people
b) The food
c) The weather
What water activity does she like?
a) Volleyball
b) Surfing
c) Fishing
What do they do after they catch the lobster?
a) Freeze it
b) Throw it back
c) Eat it
Where do you put the rubber bands?
a) In the claws
b) Around the claws
c) Around the tail

So, hello, Alexandra.
Hi, how are you?
I'm doing good. Now Alexandra, you're from Miami. (Yes, I am)
OK, so why don't you tell us about Miami.
Born and raised in Miami, and it's very warm, very warm. Lots of different
people. It seems to be the port of Central and South America, so there's several
different people from different countries coming through, as well as from Europe
and some parts of the North of the United States come down for a visit and
it's a tourist destination.

Wow, were you born in Miami? (Yes) Really! (Yes, I was)
And you lived your whole life there? (Yep, yeah, yeah)
That's cool, what's the best thing about Miami?
The weather obviously, weather and the nearness to the ocean.
Everything you can think of that can be done on the ocean, you can find a way to
do it there.

Oh, nice, (yeah) so what water sports do you play?
Uh, there's water volleyball, and do some skiing, and diving, and also during season you
can go and catch lobster down in the keys.
(Really) Yes, so (wow) it can be fun.
That's so cool. So you catch the lobster and eat it that night?
Yes. Yes. Absolutely. So you just go get the lobster out of the traps, take them
upstairs to the boat, so to speak, and just throw them in a pot, and
you're gonna have dinner in no time.

You don't eat them on the boat do you? (You can) Really. People eat the lobsters
on the boat? (Yeah, you can) Wow. Are they dangerous? I mean, cause they can snip
your fingers.
Well, you don't, you make sure you catch them in the right, hold them from the tail end
and people usually put rubberbands around the claws, and you can just throw them into
boiling water, get your butter out and you're good to go.

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