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How many pages does she read a semester?

a) A few hundred
b) A few thousand
c) A few million
When does she read?
a) In the morning
b) Morning to night
c) Only at night
What does she do in her 10 minute break?
a) Drink coffee
b) Jump up and down
c) Stretch
When she reads what must she do?
a) Speed read
b) Read each word
c) Copy each word
What helps her to get all the information?
a) Take notes (bullet points)
b) Take frequent breaks
c) Do both of these things

So, Alexandra, you're going to be a lawyer. (Yes, I am.)
Very impressive and you're in law school and you were
saying that in law school the reading load is very difficult.

Yes, for each class you have to read a few thousand pages
over the course of three months, a semester, and it can be very
difficult because you have five classes or more depending
on your schedule so you end up reading from the moment you
wake up to the moment you go to sleep and try not to fall
sleep in your book, so that can be difficult, so I try to read
for awhile, maybe 50 minutes and take a ten minute break,
stand up, walk around the room, and then get back to it or else it's
too much information. It won't go in my head.
Yeah, how do you retain everything?
You just go back. You take notes for every 50 minute block. You
stand up at the 10 minute block and stretch, come back and try
write down what you read and try to, you know, do small little
bullet points of what you read and that sort of keeps it in your
That's a good strategy. Wow. Do you do anything to actually increase
your reading speed?

No, you can't. With law you have to read each word, because each word
has a particular definition. It could be a procedure in a courtroom
which has particular steps, so if you omit words, or skip things you
might miss the whole point of the case, so you can't speed read as it were.
That's why you need to do it, you read for a long time. You just have to
be careful and try to take enough breaks to give yourself a rest.
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