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What do Norwegian people have exposure to?

a) English TV
b) English Music
c) Both
How do they watch English TV?
a) With dubbed voices
b) With subtitles
c) With no subtitles
How do Norwegians get chances to speak?
a) English conversation schools
b) They speak English a lot in school
c) They travel a lot
What is Christian teaching at the moment?
a) English
b) Norwegian
c) Both
Who does he teach ?
a) A class
b) A private student
c) His home-stay family

Now, Christian, you're English is amazing. Perfect actually (Thank you).
And many people from Norway have excellent English. What is the
secret about Norway?
I don't know. I actually heard that before that I meet a lot of people and
they say,"Oh, you're from Norway. Norwegian people speak such good English.
Why is that?" Personally I think it's because we get a lot of exposure to
English, through TV, music, media, everything, and we don't dub movies and
TV programs like they do in many other countries. We get subtitles. And the same
with music. English music is very, very popular. Probably more popular that
Norwegian music, and I guess as well the education system provides us with
really good, you know, teaching so, I mean all those combined together, you know, creates,
how to say...

Super speakers!
I don't know super speakers. It's a good combination, I guess in term of learning
the language, so, you know, and a lot of Norwegians travel as well.
(Yeah) and they
have time to practice as well, which is important if you want to speak English well.

Sure, well, how difficult is it to learn Norwegian?
That is probably more difficult that English, I'd say, but it's interesting I have a private
Japanese student at the moment and he went to Norway on exchange from his university
here in Japan and he didn't speak a word of Norwegian before he went but he spent the
year there, and he now can have a decent conversation with me in Norwegian. That's three
years ago since he went there, but still he speaks pretty well.

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