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What is the capital of Norway?

a) Lillihammer
b) Porshkura
c) Oslo
How many people are in the capital?
a) 35,000
b) 4.5 million
c) 500,000
How many more people are in Tokyo than in Norway?
a) 2 times
b) 3 times
c) 4 times
What is nice about his country?
a) Clean air
b) Cheap prices
c) Warm weather
What sport has he stopped doing?
a) Downhill skiing
b) Snow boarding
c) Cross-country skiing

OK, Hello! (Hello!) What's your name?
I'm Christian.
Hey, Christian. And now Christian, where are you from?
I'm from Norway. (Norway!) Yeah!
Wow, what city in Norway?
It's called Proshkura.
Yes, it's close to the capital city, Oslo. (OK)
About 150 kilometers south of Oslo.
How many people live in this city?
In my city, 35,000 people.
Oh, really. (Yeah) Oh, wow. That's pretty small.
Pretty small. The biggest city in Norway is Oslo and it has
500,000 people.
(That's the biggest!) That's the biggest. In total,
we have 4 and half million people in Norway.

That must be nice being from a small country, I mean big in land but
small in people.
It's nice. It's not as crowded as Tokyo to put it that way.
Yeah, so Tokyo's what, three time.
Three times ( the people) the population of of the country, yeah.
Wow. That's crazy. So what's the best thing about Norway?
The best thing about Norway, the clean air, the blond girls, and the mountains.
Do you go in the mountains a lot? Do you mountain climb or hike?
I ski. (Oh, OK) I ski. I ski as often as I can. Probably once a year I go, try to
go skiing when I home, and it's great, I enjoy it, I've been doing it all my
life so, yeah.

So this is downhill skiing. (Downhill skiing, yeah) Do you ever do cross-country skiing?
Sometimes, I used to do a lot of cross-country skiing when I was younger, but as
I got older, it was more downhill skiing. It's a bit easier.
(OK) Less physical.
OK, thanks Christian.
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