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Why does he like skiing?

a) It's fun
b) It's relaxing
c) Both
Has he gone skiing in Japan ?
a) Yes, many times
b) No, he has not time
c) No, but he wants to go
Where would he like to go?
a) Hokkaido
b) Nagano
c) Niigata
What do you need to be a good skier?
a) Proper training
b) Lots of practice
c) Good athleticism
What did he do for his friend from Singapore?
a) Buy him some skis
b) Teach him to snow board
c) Teach him to ski

So, Christian, you're into skiing. (Mm ) What is it about skiing that you like?
It's just fun to go out with your friends, enjoy a day and have fun cause
you can do so many things when you're out there on the slopes. You can go jumping
and just cruise down and, there's just so many things you can do. Just the fact
that you can hang out with your friends all day.
(Yeah) It's just fun, it's
just a relaxed atmosphere.

Now do you go skiing in Japan?
I haven't yet but I want to go. I mean, Nagano prefecture has, as far as I know,
a lot of good places because of the Olympics and everything so. I would like to go and check
it out but so far, I haven't had the chance, no.

What do you need to know to be a good skier? See, actually I don't ski. (Oh, OK) so I went one
time and it didn't work out to well, so.
Well, you know, practice makes perfect, right! (Yeah) So it's all about practicing.
You go out there, you go someone who knows the game and they'll teach you. (Mm!) Spend
a couple of days and you'll be a full-blown skier.

Have you ever trained somebody how to ski?
Actually, I went skiing once when I was in Australia, that was in 2002, and I had a friend
with me from Singapore and he'd never seen snow before.
(Wow) so we went out. I was snow boarding and he
was actually downhill skiing, and it was a fun experience for him because he didn't know what was
going on, so I taught him a bit but, yeah, he didn't really learn that much. Maybe I was, I don't know
if I was a bad teacher or he was a bad skier, maybe a combination of both

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