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When she was young, who did she write letters to?

a) A pen pal
b) A cousin
c) Her grandparents
Why has she stopped sending letters?
a) She has no time
b) She calls instead
c) She sends e-mails
From Hong Kong, how much is a postcards to Europe?
a) 1 dollar
b) 2 dollars
c) 3 dollars
Do people send mail from home in Hong Kong?
a) Yes, everybody does
b) No, you have to go the P.O.
c) She does not remember
How late are large post offices open?
a) 4 o'clock
b) 5 o'clock
c) 6 o'clock

OK, Laura, I'm going to ask you questions about the post office in Hong Kong. (Mmh)
OK, or just sending letters. How often do you write letters?
Well, when I was young, I wrote quite often to my pen pals, but right now, instead of
sending a letter I usually send my friends e-mails.

Yeah! Me, too. How much does it cost to send a postcard in Hong Kong overseas?
Well, to Asian countries, it costs about two dollars, two Hong Kong dollars.
To European countries it costs about three dollars.

OK, and when you send mail in Hong Kong, do you send it from your house, or do you..
Well, we have to go the post office in order to send letters or parcels
Really, OK! Cause it's so crowded in Hong Kong that...
Well, Yes, Yes!
OK, and in Japan do you receive a lot of mail?
Right now, no. Well, because it's so convenient to use the e-mails or instant communication
(uh-huh) or telephone.
Yeah, OK last question. What time do post offices open and close?
Well, it depends on the size of the post office. For large one, so, they work longer.
Like from nine in the morning until six, so for a smaller one, from nine to five.

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