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How often does he watch television?

a) One hour a day
b) One hour a week
c) Never
How many books does he read a week?
a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
What does he like to read?
a) Dramas
b) Comedies
c) Science Fiction
Where does he read often?
a) At the library
b) On the train
c) At work
What happens when he reads on the train?
a) He misses his stop
b) He falls asleep
c) He meets people

Hey, Mark I saw that you're reading a book out there.
Yeah, that's right.
So, do you read a lot?
Yeah, I read a lot. In fact I don't have a television.
Ah, you're the man.
Seriously, I only read.
Wow, how many books do you get through a week?
A week! Ah, at least one a week, because I work all the time.
Oh, that's pretty good.
Yeah, but I enjoy reading because television doesn't give you imagination, yeah I prefer reading.
Yeah, I hear you. It rots your mind, I think. Ah, also, what kind of books you like to read?
What kind of genres?
Well, let's see, I've got a lot of nonfiction, a lot of comedy.
Cool, so actually, when you read, like where do you normally read?
Where do I normally read? On the trains, actually. I'm always
reading on the trains. I read because I'm always traveling to work.
(Oh, OK) A lot of pleasure. (yeah) And it's funny because I meet people
on the trains when I'm reading, they look over at my book.

That's cool. I love to read on the trains.
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