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Where was he born?

a) Calgary
b) Montreal
c) Halifax
When did he more to Calgary?
a) At age 3
b) At age 4
c) At age 5
What was he into as a child?
a) Sports
b) Nature
c) Books
When did he go to Europe first?
a) At 13
b) At 14
c) At 15
What city did he visit?
a) Manchester
b) Liverpool
c) London

Now, Mark, you're from Canada.
That's right.
Where is it, actually, that you grew up?
I was born in Montreal (Uh-huh) and I lived there for four years, the first four years
but uh, I grew up in Calgary, which is Alberta, in the city of Banff.

OK, so what was your childhood like? Were you into nature, or sports?
Ah, childhood I was into books. I was a big reader. I used to go the the library with my mother.
And the first big trip I took overseas was when I was 14.

OK, actually, on this trip where did you go?
On this trip I went to Liverpool (OK) which is where my mother is from.
(Uh-huh) So I went to Liverpool that time and Wales and Scotland
and five or six trips after that
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