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What kind of coffee is very strong ?

a) Austrian
b) English
c) American
What kind of coffee is very weak?
a) Viennese
b) Austrian
c) English
What kind of band was he in in college ?
a) Jazz
b) Metal, Punk
c) Hip-hop
What did he do in the band ?
a) Drums
b) Keyboard
c) Sing
What part of speech does Todd ask about?
a) Nouns
b) Verbs
c) Adjectives

OK, Matt, we're going to talk about adjectives. (Mm-hm)
What is strong?
Austrian coffee.
Yeah, Austrian coffee is strong. Can you
get Austrian coffee in Japan?
Well, I'm not sure. They serve Viennese coffee. Which is supposed
to be from Vienna, but when you go to Vienna, the coffee there is
just small strong coffees. Viennese coffee in Japan has like cream on
top and things like that, so it's like a new take on Austrian coffee.

Wow, that's bizarre. OK, what is weak?
What is weak? English coffee, I suppose. The English aren't really very good at
making coffee compared to other people, other countries in Europe, so yeah,
English coffee is generally weak.

OK, well it's the same in America, so. Alright, what is heavy?
Metal. (Metal!) Yeah, as in the music.
Oh, OK. Do you listen to heavy metal music?
I used to. I used to be in a rock band when I was at college, and it was kind of
punk, heavy metal, but I used to listen to a lot, not so much anymore.

Did you play?
I was the singer.

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