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How many languages does he speak?

a) 3
b) 4
c) 5
Where does he live there now?
a) Switzerland
b) France
c) Nowhere, he's traveling
What does he miss from Switzerland?
a) Friends
b) Food
c) Snow
What does he recommend?
a) Going to Switzerland
b) Going to France
c) Traveling
What does he like to do?
a) Hiking
b) Cycling
c) Both

Hello! (Hello!) How are you today? (I'm fine, and you?)
I'm doing good. Ah, what is your name?
My name is Ramon. (Ramon) Ramon. Jamon in French.
Are you from France?
No, I'm from Switzerland.
Oh, nice. So do you speak many languages?
Ah, no I only speak French and English, but in
Switzerland I also speak German and Italian.

OK, do you live in France now, I'm sorry, do you live in Switzerland now?
No, I'm traveling at the moment.
Do you miss Switzerland?
Yeah, I miss sometimes, my friends and my family.
What's Switzerland like?
Ah, it's cold and we got many mountains there. It's very nice I recommend to go there.
Do you go hiking in the summer?
Ah, yes, sometimes. Hiking and cycling a lot.
Oh, great. Wow. Thanks a lot.
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