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Is he afraid of flying?

a) Yes
b) No
c) A little
How does he feel about flying?
a) It is a good opportunity
b) It is the best way to travel
c) He does it all the time
How big are the cobras he sees?
a) 10 feet
b) 12 feet
c) 14 feet
What does he do when he sees a cobra?
a) Kill it
b) Catch it
c) Chase it away
What is considered a sin in India?
a) Killing a cobra
b) Keeping a Cobra
c) Helping a cobra

OK, so Nanju, I'm going to ask you about things that people are sometimes
afraid of. Um, are you afraid of flying? (No) No. Do you fly a lot?
No, if I am getting opportunity I will be very happy. (Really!)
Yeah sure!
OK, are you afraid of snakes?
No. (No!) No.
Now, India has cobras.
Yeah, it's a lot of cobras. I have seen a lot of cobras, and fighting with
cobras, each other, but run away so I can not.

So, you're not afraid of cobras? (No)
Like have you ever seen a cobra by your house?
Yeah, I have seen a lot of cobras, which is going to be 12 feet.
Really!(Yeah, sure) And your not afraid?
No, I will get some sticks and go through about from my home or something.
So you get a stick and you go and kill it?
No, I won't kill it. Killing of cobra is very illegal in India.
Not illegal, it's like god
(really) so we won't. (Sin)
Sin. It's a sin. Oh, wow.
So we won't kill that cobra or something.
Wow, very fascinating. Thank you.
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