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What is his favorite color?

a) Blue
b) Green
c) Black
What are the mangoes like in Japan?
a) Same as India
b) Hard to find
c) Big and delicious
How does he like to eat mangoes?
a) Boiled
b) Canned
c) Raw
What does he think about mango juice?
a) It is really good
b) It is not that good
c) He has never had it
How does he feel about raw mango?
a) It is very good
b) It is too sour
c) It is too sweet

OK, Nanju, I'm going to ask you about your favorites.
What is your favorite color?
My favorite color, black.
Black! Really, OK, and what is your favorite fruit?
Fruit? OK, it's mango.
Oh, mango. (Yeah) OK. Can you get mangoes in Japan?
No, I haven't seen a proper mango here, because everything's
very small, that is not a very good mango, I know because in
India I will get a lot of mangoes, very good taste, and variety
of mangoes, I haven't tried, I haven't found anywhere
in Japan.

Really. (Yeah, sure) Oh, wow. So how do you eat mango, just do you
eat it raw, or do you....?
Yeah, I'll eat it raw. The raw mango is very good.
Oh, cool. Nice. So do you have like mango juice? Is that popular?
Yeah. But mango juice, it's not that much good.
I eat only raw mango. It will be very good, very good, very good

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