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Who does he think is the best player in the world?

a) Venkatsai Laxman
b) Virender Sehwag
c) Sachin Tendulkar
Where is this player from?
a) North India
b) Central India
c) South India
What is he really good at?
a) Bowling
b) Fielding
c) Batting
What sport does Todd really like?
a) Basketball
b) Soccer
c) Baseball
Who does he ask about?
a) Tim Duncan
b) David Beckham
c) Barry Bonds

So, Selvam, you said you like cricket very much.(Yes, sure)
and who is the best player in the world? Cricket player?
According to my view, Mr. Sachin Tendulkar is the best player.
Oh, and he's from India?
Yeah, he's from India.
OK, is he from the south of India or?
He's north India.
He's from north India. And he's a very good batter?
Yeah, batsman. (Batsman) Batsman.
OK, so in cricket how many times do you bat in one day?
How many times you bat?
How many times do you get to try to hit the ball?
Until you are out you can bat. (Oh) Until you are out you can bat.
Oh, really but you only get one time. Like in baseball you bat and another person bats
No, it's not like that, (Oh, no) until you get out you can play.
Oh, really, (Yeah) Oh, OK (It's like that) wow and do you play cricket with your friends?
Yes, yes, I used to play cricket with my friends.
You said this guys name, what's it, I'm sorry?
Sachin Tendulkar.
Wow! I don't know him. See I like baseball. Do you know who Barry Bonds is?
Yeah, sorry, I don't know anything about baseball.
W ell, that's OK. You teach me about cricket and I'll teach you about baseball.
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