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Does he like to drink wine?

a) Yes
b) No
c) Sometimes
What kind of grapes does he like the best?
a) Red
b) Purple
c) Green
What do Todd and Selvam have in common?
a) They both like wine
b) They both like grapes
c) They both live around grapes
What is his favorite season?
a) Summer
b) Fall
c) Winter
What kind of weather does he dislike?
a) Windy
b) Wet
c) Hot

OK, Selvam, what is your favorite food?
My favorite fruit is grapes.
Grapes. (Yeah) Oh, really! (Yes) OK. Do you like wine? Do you drink wine?
No, no, I don't drink anything, but I like grapes, the taste is very good.
(Mm, Do you like...?) It's very sweet that's why I like them.
Do you like green grapes or purple grapes?
Green, Green grapes.
Green grapes. (Yeah) OK, are there many grapes around your hometown in India
Yes, yeah. We have, I used to eat everyday grapes, because I like them very much that's...
OK, actually in my home in America we have many grapes where I live also.
(Oh) Yeah, and how about what is your favorite season?
My favorite season is winter. (Winter) Yeah, because in India, most of the days will
be summer. Winter will come for only two months. That's why we love winter season.
(Really) Yeah it is very summer, very hot. That's why people are very black (Oh)
as a reason.

You like the cool, cool weather. (Yes) Oh, nice. I'm the opposite. I like warm weather.
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