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Listen to Greg talk about his time in the United Arab Emirates
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Mini Lecture: The Face of American Money: Who are those guys?
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Mixer: Who do you usually hang out with?
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Mixer: Introduce yourself and say one thing about your country.
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"Pawn Shop Blues " - Listen and read the lyrics to this song by Rev. Norman Jackson and Pawnshop
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New Game : Listen to the movie times and write in the correct time.
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activities have pictures that go with the audio as it plays. The audio does not stop until the end.
Watch with Quiz activities have questions during the audio segment. The audio stops for the questions.
Text pages have the transcript of the audio and an mp3 file that can be downloaded.
Watch with Audio Quiz has a slide show and then a quiz. The questions are spoken, not wriiten.
Watch with Text is for the songs. It is like Karaoke. Listeners can read the lyrics.