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What brings him good luck?

a) His shirt
b) His necklace
c) His stick
When did he get his lucky item?
a) 10 years ago
b) 15 years ago
c) At birth
What position does he play on his team?
a) Goalie
b) Center
c) Wing
Why did he give up hockey?
a) The money
b) The commute
c) Injuries
What did he just do to his shirt?
a) Burn it
b) Give it away
c) Wash it

OK, Chris, Firday the 13th is coming up. So, first of all, are you superstitious?
Ah, yes. When I play sports I'm superstitious. I have a lucky shirt and stuff like that.
Oh, really!
So what's your lucky shirt?
Ah, it's a bungy jumping shirt that I got about 10 years ago. It's falling apart
but it's still my lucky shirt.

OK, So you don't wash it or anything?
If I have a good game I don't wash it until I have a bad game and then I wash
the badness out.

OK. What sport are we talking about?
I play ice hockey.
Oh, really.
Oh, so your a hockey player! Your a pretty solid guy.
Yeah, I'm a goalie. Being a goalie it's a lot to being comfortable in the position, so if
you have a good game you don't touch anything. You do the same routine. Goalies are known to
be a little strange.

Wow. So that's cool. Are you still playing in Japan?
I've played a few times but it's just too much trouble to drag my equipment on three trains and a taxi
and about a 800 meter walk. It's just not worth it right now. If I had a car I'd try for sure.

Oh, that's too bad. Alright, wel uh good luck and...so right now is your shirt dirty of clean? Your unlucky shirt?
It's just been washed. Yeah, it needed a good washing this time.

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