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What kind of music does he play?

a) Jazz
b) Punk
c) Disco
How long has he played guitar?
a) 2 to 3 years
b) 12 to 13 years
c) Over 20 years
What else can he play?
a) Flute
b) Accordion
c) Drums
Does his band go on tour?
a) Yes, all the time
b) Only in summer
c) No, he only plays locally
Is he a full-time musician?
a) Yes, it is his job
b) No, it is a part-time job
c) No, it is for fun and to relax

So, James, you're in a band!
OK, tell us about your band.
I play in a Swedish Bubblegum Punk Band.
Swedish Bubblegum Punk Band. What exactly is that?
I don't know, but that's what it says on the CD.
OK. What do you play in your band?
I play base guitar.
OK. How long have you been playing the guitar?
I've been playing the guitar for about 12 or 13 years
Oh, really! OK. Nice. Do you play any other instruments?
I play a little guitar and a little drums.
Since you're in a band do you meet lots of women?
Really! You're a rock star.
Nice. Nice. Do you tour or do you just play where you live?
We just play in clubs. Local clubs.
OK. What the best thing about being a musician, in the band?
It's really good for relaxing and having fun.
Is it your full-time job?
No, it's not. It's only a hobby.

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