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Listen and then click on the photo
to see the answer to the question.

What is his dog's name?

a) Piper
b) Mut
c) Peepy
Where did he get the dog from?
a) The pet store
b) A friend
c) The street
What trick can he play?
a) Roll over
b) Walk on two legs
c) Play dead
How often does he do the trick?
a) All the time
b) Half the time
c) Almost never
Does the dog bark a lot?
a) No, he's pretty good
b) Yes, too much
c) It depends

Ah, James, I saw on your desk you have a nice picture of a dog.
OK. Tell us about your dog.
My dog's name is Piper. He was a mut, a homeless dog that we picked up off the street
about four and a half years ago.

Oh, wow! So what kind of dog is he now?
He's a yellow lab, golden retriever mix. He's very very sweet, very very fun to play with, really really nice.
Oh, that's great. Can he do any tricks?
We can do one trick where we point our finger at him and go
Bang Bang Bang Bang and he falls over dead, but that is the only
trick he can do and he only does that maybe half the time.

OK. Does he bark a lot?
Usually no. Usually he's pretty good.
Pretty quiet.
OK. Is it a male dog or a female dog?
Yeah. It's a male dog.
So, no puppies.
No, puppies.
OK. Would you like to have another dog, another puppy?
Um, it would be fun in the future but not for awhile
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