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Listen and then click on the photo
to see the answer to the question.

Would he continue to work?

a) Yes, he loves his job
b) Only for charity
c) No, he would not work
What kind of island would he live on?
a) Tropical
b) Desert
c) Secluded
Who would go and see him?
a) His family
b) His friends
c) Nobody
What would he do?
a) Read and study
b) Fish and swim
c) All of the above
Can money make people happy?
a) Yes, for sure
b) No way
c) No, but it helps

if you had a million dollars
if you won the lottery.
What would you do?
I would buy a small island, build a house there, and invest the
rest of my money so that I would never have to work again

OK, So are you talking a tropical island, or...
A tropical island, yeah, or maybe I would give it all to charity and
have a bridge named after me.

That's two different things there. Um, how bout the island?
Would you want to be alone, on a secluded island or...
Ah, no I would want all of my friends to come and visit me often.
OK. Nice. So how would you pass the time on this island?
I would read books. I would study. I would go swimming, go fishing, and
play with my dog.

Do think money can make people happy, can buy happiness?
No, but it can sometimes make it easier. It depends on what you buy.

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