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Listen and then click on the photo
to see the answer to the question.

What does he do in summer?
a) Surf
b) Fish
c) Camp
What was his job?
a) Cashier
b) Pool cleaner
c) Life guard
What could he do for free at his job?
a) Swim
b) See movies
c) Drink soda
Why did he like his job?
a) It is challenging
b) Lots of cute girls
c) It is laid-back
Why did he quit?
a) He got a better job
b) He had to go to school
c) He was bored

OK Josh, we're going to talk about your summer vacation.
OK, so tell us about your summer.
My summer usually includes basketball and working, and a little bit of playing, fishing, hanging out.
So you did all those things this summer.
OK.Uh, you said you worked.
OK. What job did you have?
I was a cashier at the local pool.
OK. So you got to swim for free?
Basically, yeah.
Oh, nice! Nice! Were there lots of good looking girls there?
Um, sometimes.
OK. Was it a good job?
It was laid back. It was real relaxed.
So are you still doing the job now?
No, I had to quit for school.
OK. Are you going to work there next summer?
Um, maybe. I'm not sure though.
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