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What is easy to understand in Japanese?

a) Dramas
b) Talks shows
c) Cartoons
What is difficult to understand?
a) Dramas
b) Talk shows
c) Cartoons
Why are young people hard to understand?
a) They use slang
b) They speak quickly
c) They have soft voices
What does she like to do instead of watching TV??
a) Do something outside
b) Go to a movie
c) Surf the internet
What is good about Japanese TV?
a) It is funny
b) It is free
c) It is informative

Marika lets talk about television.
Do you like to watch a lot of TV?
Yeah, I watch a lot of TV.
Now you've been in Japan for awhile. Do yo watch TV in English or in Japanese?
Mm, I watch TV in Japanese, but if it's on in English I will watch it in English.
Yeah, I'm the same way. Um, how good is your comprehension? How much can you understand?
If it's a drama I can understand most of what's happening, and definitely the story, but if
a talk show and there's young people on and there're speaking fast, with a lot of slang,
I don't really understand a lot of what they're saying, although I might know what topic
they're discussing, I won't know what exactly their stand is.

Do you think that TV is bad for people?
Yeah, I think that TV is bad for people. It's really bad.
Because instead of reading a book or doing something outside, or doing something productive
you just sit in front of a TV and absorb bad information or things that don't really help,
help you learn anything probably, although Japanese television I think does have a lot of good
documentaries and a lot of informative television programs.

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