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How big is Montreal?

a) 1 or 2 million
b) 3 or 4 million
c) 5 or 6 million
What does it feel like?
a) Europe
b) New York
c) New Orleans
What cultural identity is there?
a) French Canadian
b) Native American
c) Celtic
What is her hometown?
a) Vancouver
b) Toronto
c) Halifax
What city has Celtic culture?
a) Toronto
b) Vancouver
c) Halifax

Ah, Marika, what is the best city in your country?
I think Montreal is the best city in my country.
I've never been to Vancouver but I think Montreal is the best city in my country.

Why is it so special?
I think it is special because it has a lot of history, and a lot of old buildings
and it feels like Europe but there is still a lot of modern things going on, and the French
Canadian culture is there, very multi-cultural. It's got a lot of different things going

OK. Well, how big is it?
I think it is about 3 or 4 million people.
OK. And what other cities are good in your country?
I think Toronto is a good city just because it is my hometown. Um, there's not many
big cities in Canada, but I also like Halifax, which is on the east coast of Canada.
There's really strong Celtic culture on the east coast. Lot of the descendants are from
Ireland or Scotland, so it's interesting

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