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Listen and then click on the photo
to see the answer to the question.

What can he make well?

a) Pasta
b) Bread
c) Salad
Where does he sing?
a) Karaoke
b) In the car
c) In the shower
What music does he like?
a) Reggae
b) Punk
c) Hip-hop
What can he play?
a) Guitar
b) Drums
c) Dijuridu
Where did he learn to play it?
a) Switzerland
b) Australia
c) India

OK, Ramon, we're going to talk about abilities.
Can you cook?
I can cook a little bit. I like cooking.
what do you like to make when you cook?
Just simple things. I love salad. I make a huge salad.
I love salad. OK, can you sing?
Ah, no, I can't sing. I just sing for me. On the...when I have a shower.
Oh, really, you sing in the shower? Nice, what, what songs do you sing? Like pop songs or...?
No, mainly reaggae. I love reggae.
Wow! Can you play any musical instruments?
Um, dijuridu!
Oh, really.
It's an Australian instrument.
Yeah, yeah. Where did you learn that?
I learned in Switzerland.
Really. OK. Is it popular in switzerland?
Yeah, it's popular. Everybody knows about it.
Wow. How long have you played?
A couple of years maybe. Maybe 4 years.

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