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Does Ramon know the meaning of the word "high school" in French?

a) Yes
b) No
c) He's not sure
Where do you go before univeristy in Switzerland?
a) Prep school
b) Gymnasium
c) The army
Does Ramon use the word gynasium differently than Todd?
a) No
b) Yes
c) Not sure
What do you do at the gymnasium in America?
a) Study
b) Work
c) Play basketball
Does Ramon know the meaning of the word "gymnasium" in American English?
a) Yes
b) No
c) A little

OK. Ramon. We're going to talk about high school.
OK. Fine.
Ah, do you have high school in Switzerland?
Um, yeah I do. I have high school..um..we have compensory school, which is hi..high school I think.
But..um..I'm not quite sure about the meaning of high school in French.
Oh! Ok.
Well, high school in America is from age 14 to 17.
14! Yeah, I think it is the same in Switzerland. 17 you finish the compensory
school and then you can go to gymnasium, we call that in Switzerland.

You call it the gymnasium?
Gynamsium, then university.
What do you do at gymnasium?
Um, you do..ah..whatever you want.
OK. Wow. That's interesting. In English, like in American English, gymnasium is
where you exercise, you work out or play basketball.
OK. Yeah. I know that.
Oh, wow. That's funny. Different. OK. Thanks a lot.
Thank you!
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