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Listen and then click on the photo
to see the answer to the question.

What is her boyfriend's name?
a) Harry
b) Barry
c) Larry
Where did she meet him?
a) At a bar
b) At a park
c) At a shop
What did she like about him?
a) His eyes
b) His build
c) His beard
Where is he at the moment?
a) Back home
b) In India
c) In Japan
Who is older?
a) She is
b) He is
c) They are the same age

OK, Tara, why don't you tell us about your first boyfriend?
OK, my first boyfriend, I met in my home town. He's called Barry.
Uh, he's my first real boyfriend. Yeah, I met him at a bar. Yeah,
I had a bit of a crush on him when I was younger and then, yeah,
we met a club one night and it carried on from there.

Oh, that's nice. So what was it about Barry that attracted him to you?
Um, he's very good looking. He's tall and he had a beard. I like

Beards, really!
I like beards. I don't know why.
Short beard or long beard?
No, no short. I just like stubble.
OK. Uh, are you still in contact with him?
Yeah, yeah, yeah. At the moment he's traveling. He's in India but, um, we're
so young, so we often like, separate to go traveling , and then get back
together again, because I'm only 24 and he's twenty five, and we have a serious
relationship but, we don't wanna, you know, stop doing our own things in life

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