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Listen and then click on the photo
to see the answer to the question.

How long has she been in Tokyo?
a) Less than a year
b) Over a year
c) Three months
What is hard sometimes?
a) The food
b) The people
c) The culture
How does she find Japanese people?
a) Very Serious
b) Really friendly
c) A little shy
When does she work?
a) Evenings
b) Mornings
c) Weekends
What does she like to look at?
a) Japanese art
b) Japanese gardens
c) Japanese boys

Hi, this is Tara. I'm going to talk about Tokyo. All in all,
I've been in Tokyo now for about a year and three months, and
I really love it here. Sometimes I find it hard because the culture
is so different from where I am from, but I find the people really
friendly and once you make Japanese friends they will really help
you out with whatever you're doing. I work in the evenings so it's
quite exciting for me to see, you know live in a big city and
always see the nightlife. I do dancing here. I've had a lot of good
experiences in Tokyo, some of the best times of my life, so, yeah,
I'd like to stay here a bit longer, especially because I like looking
at Japanese boys.

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