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Listen and then click on the photo
to see the answer to the question.

When does she have free time?
a) At night
b) On the weekend
c) During the day
Why did she buy the guitar?
a) Her old one is dead
b) She collects them
c) She wants to learn guitar
How does she feel about reading?
a) She loves it
b) She doesn't like it
c) She does not say
What band does she like?
a) Oasis
b) Blur
c) Cold play
How will she learn guitar?
a) She will take lessons
b) Her friends will teach her
c) She will watch videos

So Tara, I see you've just bought a new guitar.
Yeah, I have, yeah.
It's very nice.
So, what's the reasoning behind buying a guitar?
Well, I work at nights so I have the daytime free,
and to be honest, most people they work in the day
so I'm often on my own, and I just want something
to keep me entertained in the daytime, and I don't really
like reading books, so I want something to do with my hands
so, I thought buying a guitar is a good idea.

Um, do you have any kind of music you would like to sing or learn to play?
Um, I'd like to learn, have you heard, there's some English bands,
like Cold Play and Turn Break so I'd like to learn that kind of style.

OK. Do you plan to take lessons or just learn on your own?
No, well a couple of my friends, they, they you know they can,
they learned guitar as well. I can't really take lessons in Japan.
I think that might be a bit too much, but my friends are going to
teach me. Hopefully. Yeah!!

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Q1: Do...?

Q2: What...?

Q3: Have...?

Q4: Who....?

Q5: What....?