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When are there lots of festivals?

a) Summer
b) Fall
c) Winter
What does omikoshi look like?
a) A bucket
b) A ball
c) a box
Who usually carries it?
a) Guys
b) Gals
c) Kids
What is like small white stuff?
a) Nikuman
b) Watagashi
c) Onigiri
What is called a Japanese pancake?
a) Watagashi
b) Okonomiyaki
c) Matsuri

OK, Yoko we were just at a festival.
Do you want to talk about festivals in Japan?
Yes, OK. So, I think in Fall we have lots of kind of festivals, but it depends on the places
What are some things that most festivals have, like, what can you see if you go to a Japanese festival?
Yes. Do you know the word?
I think so. What is Omikoshi?
Ah, it's really difficult for me to explain in English, but Omokishi looks like a big box,
lots of people, adult people try to carry together, and they usually go to temples, and they
kind of celebrate a harvest or our happiness or those kind of things

OK. Do you ever carry the Omikoshi?
Ah, you know, I'm not a strong guy so, I've never tried it.
OK. What about foods? What kind of foods do people like to eat?
We can see lots of small shops along the street and we can buy really Japanese food, like watagashi,
it's a really sweet candy but it looks like, how do you say that?

I don't know.
I don't know. I don't know either. White small stuff.
White small stuff.
Yeah. Sorry. You should see it. So it's watagashi or watame. It's really popular food in matsuri, and
we can see okonomiyaki. Yeah, it's, somepeople say Japanese pancake, or something, but tastes different.
It's not sweet.

It's not sweet.
It's not sweet. So vegetables, meat, and some sauce
Oh, wow! Sounds good.
Yeah, I think so too. You should try it

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