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Listen and then click on the photo
to see the answer to the question.

When did she live overseas?

a) 2 years ago
b) 3 years ago
c) 4 years ago
Where did she work?
a) University
b) Private school
c) Public school
How many students were at her school?
a) 200
b) 1200
c) 2,000
What did her students want to do?
a) Learn karate
b) Write Kanji
c) Play with a foreigner
What special memories does she have?
a) Beautiful scenery
b) Friendly people
c) Great food

OK, Yoko!
We're going to talk about your trip to America.
Trip to America. OK.
OK. When did you go to the U.S.?
Ah, it's about 4 years ago.
And what did you do?
Um, actually, I went to Michigan and I worked as a volunteer teacher in public school.
OK. What was the public school like?
It was not big, and so it was not big. I don't know how to say that, so what should I say....
It was just a small school?
Yeah. Small school. So only maybe 200 students I think.
Oh, really!
Yeah, it was really small.
Wow, that is small.
Yeah, yeah.
Did you know all the students?
I don't think so. I just visited some classes. Yes.
So what did you think of America?
Um, I think it is a great country for many people who wants to try new things.
You know, so for example I did not have any special skills to teach, but they let me to work there
as a volunteer, and they gave me a great oppurtunity to meet a lot of students, who are really nice
I think.

Ah, OK. I agree. Um, what were your students like?
They were really motivated to learn Japanese, but they didn't learn a lot. They just,
they just wanted to play with me,from other countries. Who is from, sorry!

That's sweet. Do you have any special memories from your trip?
Yes, I visited lots of places by myself and I was really afraid of speaking
English to people there but they tried to understand me, and they helped me a lot
and I really think OK they are lots of people who are nice all over the world.

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