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How does she feel about anime?

a) It is OK
b) She hates it
c) She loves it
What does she think it is doing?
a) Causing poor grades
b) Bringing the world together
c) Nothing at all
What is she thinking of attending?
a) A party
b) A movie
c) A convention
What does Todd offer to do?
a) Lend her money
b) Drop her off somewhere
c) Buy her old anime
What did she change in the conversation?
a) Her thoughts about anime
b) Her thoughts about the convention
c) Her thoughts about Japan

I love anime. Anime so far is a very popular thing in America, but I liked it before that
since I was ten years old, and I really think it's the next wave for the young generation
in America and Japan and I think the whole world is coming together through arts and
entertainments and mass communications, and I just think that anime is another branch.

OK, so what is your favorite anime?
My favorite anime is Sailor Moon. (Sailor moon!) Everyone will recognize that. Sailor
Moon. Totoro. Gondon. Urinakenshin, Ranman

Wow, that's a lot. (Top Anime!) I saw that there is an anime convention in Ikebukro this
weekend, so are you going?
I wish.
What? You came all the way to Japan for anime and you can't go!
I don't think I can go.
Cause no one will go with me, so and I'm too lost in the language so I don't think
I'll be able to manage.

W ell, actually, I know where it is. I actually have to go somewhere else this week
but I can take you Sun City and drop you off if you need to know.
That's OK. I can find how to get there. I'm waiting tomorrow and today to see
if maybe one the Japanese people will go with me, so that, cause otherwise I'll be
too lost, like "What's this? How do I go in here? How much?" You know. Everything.
I'm sure you'll be fine.
Think I can do it. (Yeah, yeah) Well, I'm gonna try. Now that you brought it up.
Thank you. I'll try.
OK. Well, I hope you have a good time and you'll have to tell me all about it when you
come back.
I will.

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