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Listen and then click on the photo
to see the answer to the question.

Why does she think it is a bad idea to go to the moon?

a) It's dangerous
b) It's pointless
c) It's expensive
Who does she want to take to the moon?
a) Her mother
b) Her father
c) Her kids someday
How old is she?
a) 20
b) 21
c) 22
When did she first think about going to the moon?
a) Since she was 10
b) Just now from the news
c) Since college
Which is cooler, Mars or the moon?
a) It's a tie
b) Mars
c) The moon

Ebony, we were looking at the internet and we saw that the U.S. is
going to try to put people on the moon, again, in a few years.
What do you think about that?
OK, about people on the moon, I think it's really cool! I say that
as a natural reaction, but I know they've tried it before. I think
it would be maybe a good idea economically, but then again not...

I mean, because first of all, how are we finacially in the US?
What are they doing? I think they are trying to pick up spirits
or distract right now
(Sure) w ith all the other underlying issues!
Honestly, when I heard that, I was like, is this some kind of propoganda,
some kind of billboard distraction in my opinion, I mean, it's an awesome
idea though if you really think behind it, but I don't know if that's what
we should be looking at right now.

Sure, so do you think it is a waste of money or do you think it helps science?
I think eventually it's a great thing, and it does help, and I think it's
a wonderful thing to be paying attention to, but I don't know whether it's
the right moment for it. But either way, they're doing it, so I think it would
be really neat, I mean I've always wanted to say to my, you know......one day
my kids, "Ok, let's go to vacation on the moon...I feel like going out to the
suite hotel you know.Let's go look at the stars" you know a few meteors passing
by, wouldn't that be neat..to say that and really be able to do that someday.

Gosh, it must be really, really beautiful on the moon. Well, actually, you are
very young. I think 20! 20 years old?
So, do you think that is going to be possible, that...
Yeah! Yeah!
Since I was 10. Since I was 10 years old my father would always say to me,
you know, he's about 62 right now, and so, he said, I've seen everybody go
from cars to everything and all the advances in technology is so fast, he said,
'I can't imagine when your are my agewhat's it's going to be like for you at
the rate technology is advancing.
So I thought, "Wow, that's really cool!" I'll be able to do that and I always did.
I always thought that and so, in a way too I'm saying, "What took you so long guys?"
Wow, so that's amazing. You could actually be going for vacation to the moon in
forty years
Wouldn't that not be cool!
Just sit there.
Or Mars.
Yeah! Lot of rocks.
The red planet. I don't know about mars. I think the moon sounds kind of cooler
not as far

It depends on what they do with travel.
Yeah. You definitely would need a roundtrip ticket.
OK, thanks a lot Ebony

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