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What cities besides London do they talk about?
Listen and then click on the photo
to see the answer to the question.



How long will Todd stay?

a) One week
b) One month
c) Two months
Where should he stay?
a) The suburbs
b) North London
c) South London
What place has lots of history?
a) Bath
b) Oxford
c) Cambridge
What place is quiet?
a) Bath
b) Oxford
c) Cambridge
Where has Jason never been?
a) Oxford
b) Bath
c) Cambridge

Um, Jason, actually I'm going to England this summer. (Really) Yeah can you give me some
advice about where I should go. I'm gonna have about one week.
One week. What I suggest you do then is stay in the suburbs of London for a start, because
it's a lot cheaper. If you stay in North London then you can spend all your money on rent. And
I guess you should go around Central London. That's where all the tourist attractions
are. That's where all the nightlife is. It's just got everything you need really, but
like I said rent is way too expensive there, so.

OK, now I was thinking of taking a day trip to Oxford or Cambridge or Bath. What would
you recommend?
It depends really. Bath has got a lot of history. I guess Oxford is a lot quieter, but again
there is a lot of nightlife there as well. It really depends what you want to do, but
Bath is good for history, definitely.

OK. What about Cambridge?
Cambridge I'm not too sure about. I haven't been there so.
Oh, really. (Yeah) OK. If I want to go to Oxford or to Bath, how can I get there? Do I have to drive?
The easiest way is to get a train. It can vary how much you wanna pay really. It's kind of similar
to Japanese trains. But traveling as far as Cambridge and Bath would be quite
expensive, maybe 30 pounds, which is quite a lot of money really, so.

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