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Where does Jason show his art to the public?
Listen and then click on the photo
to see the answer to the question.




Who made his web site?

a) He did
b) A friend
c) A company
What are the last digits on his site?
a) 280781
b) 820721
c) 278021
What does he have photos of?
a) People
b) Nature
c) Planes
What is Todd going to do?
a) Help him take photos
b) Learn Photoshop
c) Check out his site
What is it OK to do?
a) Call him
b) Write him
c) Visit him
Ah, now Jason, you're an artist.
That's right, yep.
What kind of artist are you?
I draw all sorts of things, but mostly I like to draw on the computer, using

Oh, really.
Things like that.
OK, was it hard to learn?
Oh, not really. It's just practice. You know if you feel like you want to draw one day,
that means you're an artist I guess.

Wow, I didn't even know that, I mean I do pictures for the web site, but I didn't know
you could draw on the computer.
Yeah, yeah, that's right. I've made my own web site as well, so.
Cool. OK, what's the web site address?
A bit of a mouthful though.
Yeah, I'll have to write that one down. That's pretty tough.
No worries. OK.
So when people go to your web site what can they see?
Uh, not a hell of a lot but I did draw everything on there myself, every button
every single piece of graphic you see on there I drew, just photographs of me,
my friends, drawings that I've done and posted up and not really much else, but
it's good if you just want to check it out. Check some photos out.

I'm sure it's great. Actually I'm going to check it out later tonight.
So, I'll link it from my web page to your web page(OK) Is it OK if people write you.
Sure. Not a problem. Not a problem. I'd enjoy it.
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