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Where is his English accent from?
Listen and then click on the photo
to see the answer to the question.

What does he contrast England to?

a) France
b) Japan
c) Ireland
What part of London is he from?
a) West
b) North
c) South
Where is Wimbleton?
a) West
b) North
c) Central
What parts of Britain have different languages?
a) Wales
b) Scotland
c) Both
What part of London is the best but most expensive?
a) East
b) North
c) Central

Hello, Jason. You're from England. Uh, where are you from in England?
I'm from South London.
Oh, cool. South London. Why don't you talk about that for awhile.
OK, well, London is a little bit colder that Japan, it's a little
bit more expensive as well, so it is kind of nice to come here and spend
my money.

So actually, you said South London right? Is that where Wimbleton is? South London?
Wimbleton, No! Wimbleton's in West London.
West London!
Yeah. South London isn't famous for much, really, apart from rude people like me.
So what's the difference between South London and West London and North London?
Yeah, there is a big difference between all the places in London. Everyone's got
different accents. Everyone acts differently. England has a lot of different places.
For example, in North England they'll have different accents, completely different accents,
from South England and sometimes even different languages, like in Wales and Scotland, so.

So your accent is South London.
My accent is South London, yeah. Someone from North London would sound completely different from
me, and West London and so on, so.

So is South London the best place to live?
Oh, yeah, of course. Actually, Central London would be but it is way too expensive. (Oh, yeah)
kind of like Tokyo.

OK. Were you born in South London?
Yeah, I was born in South London. Yeah. But, you know, I've been everywhere in England, so and
believe me there's a lot of different places, everywhere is different, so
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