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How much free time does Todd have for vacation?

a) A month
b) Two weeks
c) Five days
How much money does he have to use?
a) $1,000
b) $2,000-3,000
c) He will use a credit card
What do the kids do when they are in the water?
a) They catch fish
b) They sing
c) They have play-fights
What is missing on the island?
a) Cars
b) People
c) Electricity
What is "good" on the island?
a) The roads
b) The surfing
c) The snorkeling
Fill in the missing words

OK, Phil, you've been talking about your trip to Asia. I have a couple weeks,
so I can go anywhere in Asia, what to you recommend that I do if i only have two
How much money do you have?
Maybe $2,000, $3,000.
If I were you I'd probably go to Indonesia. (Uh-huh) Do you like surfing?
Ah, you know, I've never surfed.
OK, well, Indonesia is not a bad place to learn either. I'd recommend going, flying in
to Denpassar, and getting down towards Dreamland beach. That's at the southern
most tip of Bali. The waves there, I'm a beginning surfer too, the waves
there aren't very big, 5, 5, 4 - 5 feet, and just really nice people there.
The locals are willing to help you. You meet a lot of Balinese young kids, 12, 13
years old. They're singing in the water as they surf. They're giving each wave names, so
It's a lot of fun and there's no attitude, and people are there just to
have fun. It's a good time.

Wow, that sounds nice.
That area of Indonesia is really nice. Lombok is nice too. If you are more
wanting to relax, I would go to Lombok, and then go up to Gili Trawangan, which is
a small island off the east coast of Lombok. There's no cars on the island. The
electricity is a little dodgy. It might flicker on and off. Food is great.
You get fresh fish all the time. Snorkeling's nice if you like scuba
diving. You can arrange tours through several companies there. But, yeah,
I really like Gili Trawangan and I would recommend that to anyone who wants to
relax for a couple of weeks

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