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Which national park does he talk about?
Listen and then click on the pictures to check!

What is good about the park?

a) The people
b) The animals
c) The nature
Who recommended the park?
a) Friends
b) Students
c) A tour guide
How long was he there?
a) 1 day
b) 2 days
c) 3 days
Where did he sleep?
a) In a tent
b) At a friend's house
c) At a hotel
How difficult was the walking?
a) Impossible
b) Very tough
c) Tough but doable

So, Phil, I'm thinking about going to China and I'm really into nature. I love
wildlife. Can you recommend anything to me?

ah, I, the best thing I did in China was go through Zhang Jia Jie National Park.
That's Hunan Province, and if you like nature, that's really highly recommended.
It's an UNESCO cite. It's easy to find on the internet, but it's just craters,
gorges, trees sticking out of really strangely shaped hills, lots of caverns and
very very few people there. It was empty when I was there. I had never heard of
it before. I had just been recommended by a tour guide. It was spectacular. If
you like nature and like hiking it will definitely give you a workout and
you'll take a lot of pictures.
Wow, well, how big is this park?
Good question. I didn't see the whole thing, and I spend three days there walking
different parts every day, so I really don't know the size of it except that it's massive.
So you just went hiking and then you camped overnight, or did you just hiked for the day?
Ah, just day hikes, the tour I had been organized with had rented us a hotel, just
stayed in the hotel, slept there at night, and walked most of the day.
Uh-huh. Did you see any wildlife?
Um, some insects and some butterflies, but no, nothing, no mammals, nothing like that.
Was the, were the trails steep?
Yeah, but most of them do have stairs so, regardless of your fitness level I don't think
it would be very difficult for anybody to, some people might be a bit slower than others
but you should be able to make it up alright.
So, where is this again? You said in Hunan Province!
I believe it's North-Western Hunan Province.
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