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Listen and then click on the pictures to check!

What is favorite sport?

a) Skateboarding
b) Surfing
c) Windsurfing
How long has he been doing it?
a) 7 years
b) 17 years
c) 26 years
Where does the oil polluting the ocean come fom?
a) Ships
b) Factories
c) People's bodies
Who did he learn to windsurf from?
a) His brother
b) His uncle
c) His friend
Where does he live?
a) The beach
b) By the beach
c) An hour from the beach

OK, um, let's talk about hobbies. What do you like to do in your free time?
You mean other than seducing ladies?
Yeah, well, we might actually have women listen to this.
Just joking. Just joking OK. Um, I like windsurfing. That's my number one hobby,
and surfing I'm in progress, and I like skateboarding but I'm getting old, so it
is kind of tiresome.
(Yeah) What else do I like? I like going to restaurants,
going out, bars, restaurants, bar hopping.

Cool, yeah, I like to bar hop. Let's go back to the windsurfing, um, how long have
you been windsurfing?
Since 26, so that's 4, 5, 7 years.
7 years! Yeah, where did you first begin windsurfing?
Oh, in Kamakura. (yeah) yeah that's a beautiful place.
In winter, yeah, but in summer, it's, I don't know, it's questionable.
Really? Why? (Oily) Oh, cause the water is polluted.
Yeah, cause people, a lot of people come from the city (yeah) they put oils right
(yeah) oil, and they go swimming into the ocean.
You mean suntan lotion (exactly) from people's bodies (uh-huh) gets in the water (uh-huh)
and makes it oily. That's disgusting.
Isn't it. You see the oil floating around in the ocean. It's kind of sick in summer, so
I really don't windsurf in summer.

Wow, it must be hard to, if there is so many people in the water.
Yeah, but there is a swimming section and a windsurfing section, but anyway
So, did somebody teach you to windsurf?
Yeah, my brother.
Oh, your brother. OK. Did it come easy for you, or was it difficult?
It is really difficult to explain windsurfing cause, I show you. Can you stand up?
OK, so I'm standing up?
And your holding your rig, and go back, (wow) you are like 80 kilometer and your body
is more closer to the
(wow) ocean and your body is like down here (yeah) and like
80 kilometer
(wow) and waves are like 4 meters and on a good day so that is really

Yeah (Yeah) Yeah that sounds difficult. I don't think I'm ready for windsurfing.
It's pretty interesting though. (Yeah) It's free too.
But the equipment must be very expensive.
M m, the first time yeah, but once you buy and have everything down it's free to go surfing to the beach so.
How many windsurfing boards do you have?
Two. And do you have to do a lot of work to maintain them? to keep them clean?
Uh-uh. Not really cause out in the ocean just wash with the water, clean water,
that's about it.

How far do you live from the beach?
Ah, it takes me about, about an hour from my house.
One hour. Boy. That's dedication.
It's like, how can I explain this, what are your hobbies there?
I like running so yeah I run all the time.
Right, but it's not, you feel like you are dedicating your energy to the running
No, No. Yeah
You do it because it is fun.
OK, yeah, maybe I'll have to try windsurfing one of these days.
I've always wanted to try that and surfing. It look like a lot of fun.
Come. I have my board and my surfboard too.
Oh, that's right, you have two boards, so, hey OK. Thanks and we have to
go before it's summer. Now it is spring, and (laughter) all the oil in the water,
that's disgusting. I can't...I thought you meant like oil from ships (ah)
or sewage from the city. OK. (Yeah) Oil from people's bodies. Well, there
must be a lot of tan bodies.

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