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What does "rips" mean?

a) You are good at something
b) You are very dangerous
c) You are not nice
How does he describe most people who rip?
a) Very scary
b) Very timid
c) Very nice
How big are the waves at Jaws?
a) Up to 10 meters
b) Up to 20 meters
c) Up to 30 meters
What is the biggest wave Roe has surfed?
a) 2 meters
b) 4 meters
c) 6 meters
Who owns a lot of companies?
a) Robbie Naish
b) Roe
c) Todd

OK, so now we are going to talk about other people, so you can talk about somebody else,
a friend, a family, a celebrity. Who would you like to talk about?
Um, anybody?
Who is, who rips.
Who rips? What does "rips" mean?
Rip means, ripping means if you are like a surfer (uh-huh) if you say he rips, he is really

Oh, OK. He rips! Wow, so just for surfing?
And windsurfing, too.
He rips. Skateboarding?
Yeah. Skateboarding too.
Skateboarding, he rips
Yeah, it means he can make some great moves.
Great turns, great flips. OK, who rips?
Um, just go to the beach, and you see it. (Yeah) Like, you don't even have to talk, you
just have to see it, and if you rip then you get respect, and if you talk, if you have
a chance to talk to the guy, it's almost always that he is a nice guy.
Well, 99 percent.

So guys who rip are nice guys.
Nice guys. Like nice, meaning, it's nothing like talking to a salary man.
Wow, so very easy-going. (yeah) very friendly. Not serious.
Yes. Like open, no attitude, no attitude, like it's a way to (no attitude)

OK, so do you rip?
No. (No) I'm in progress. I'm trying. It's hard. It's hard to rip though. Yeah.
But you said earlier that you are very good windsurfing so you are closest to
ripping at windsurfing.
Man, I, in my dreams, but in reality, I'm, no. (No) I'm trying.
Maybe you're being modest. So a modest person doesn't say he rips or he is good
You got the point, no I was just kidding, I can't rip.
OK, who is the best surfer in the world?
Robbie Naish
Robbie Naish. What country does he come from?
Hawaii. Oh, so he's hawaiian. He's American.
Yeah, from Ohahu!
From Ohahu, so he surfs on waves. How big are the waves that Robbie Naish surfs on?
OK like Jaws, there is a specific point in Maui, Hawaii Maui, and it's called Jaws, cause
people say that there are a lot of sharks at the point, but anyway, at Jaws 25
meters or 30 meters.
(Really!) In winter.
Man, that's high. 25 to 30 meters. That's what? Three stories? (Yeah) Maybe!
That's like from here to the basement.
Wow! And were on the second floor so that's three stories.
Oh, right, right, right, right.
Man, that's high. That's really high. What's the highest wave you've ever surfed on?
So you're standing up here. The ceiling!
Yeah!. Probably the ceiling.
So that's what, maybe 10 feet.
I don't know the feet stuff.
So that would be, 3, 4 meters.
Yeah, 3, 4 meters probably.
Mm, wow, that's still pretty high.
Yeah, if you are in the ocean you are like lying down right! (Yeah) so it's quite high
actually, yeah, if you're standing up it doesn't seem that high but.

But, when you're on the ground, you right, when you're lying flat on your stomach, you're
right it would seem very high. So Robbie Naish, does he make a lot of money surfing?
He's a rich man.
He's a billionaire.
Wow, has he ever come to Japan?
Many times.
For promotion.
For promotion.
He owns a boarding, sailing, and what have you. He owns a lot of companies.
Yeah, he's smart too. Nice guy.

Nice guy. (Yep) and he's a nice guy because he rips.

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