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Listen and then click on the photo to see!

How long did he live in America?

a) Over 5 years
b) Over 6 years
c) Over 7 years
How long did he live in Italy?
a) Less than one year
b) Less than two years
c) Less that three years
How old was he when he moved to Idaho?
a) 15
b) 16
c) 17
What was the landscape like?
a) Lots of mountains
b) Lots of trees
c) It was flat with nothing there
What does he miss about Idaho?
a) His friends
b) Potatos
c) Nothing

OK, so we're here. Do you want to go ahead and introduce yourself to the listener?
OK, my name is Hiroe Hashi. I've lived in America for about 7 and a half years. I lived
in Italy for two years.

Wow! You lived in Italy too.
Right, right. So all together I've lived in a foreign country for 9 and a half years.
Wow! That's amazing. So did you live in America before you lived in Italy?
Uh, I was in Italy when I was 9 years old, no actually 7 years old (uh-huh)
to 9 years old.
(wow) Yeah!
Did you learn Italian?
A little bit. Basically slangs.
Um, Wow, so then how old were you when you moved to america?
Yeah, I was 17. I was an exchange, I was on a exchange program (really) yeah for
when I went to Idaho.

Wow, what did you think when you first got to America?
OK. I bought new clothing (uh-huh) cause my image was like L.A., New York, but it was
Idaho, but I didn't know what to expect,
(yeah) and I got of from the airplane and I said to
myself, "Oh, my god!" It was nothing there.

Yeah, so was it flat. Was it flat.
It was flat. I saw, There was...I remember the sun going down (yeah) cause it was nothing,
really nothing. A flat space, 360 degrees.
(wow) An airport. Cowboys. (Cowboys!)
Potatoes. Real Cowboys. Spuds.
So Idaho is cowboys and potatoes.
Exactly. That's all. About.
Do you still like potatoes?
Um, I stopped eating spuds since I came back cause I ate everyday. You go to 31 Ice-cream shop (yeah) and there, they have spuds ice-cream.
Wow. So spud means potato.
Yeah, spud, it's like a Idaho English.
Wow. And how about cowboys. Did you become a real cowboy?
Uh, I started to grow my hair, cause if you had short hair, people used to call
you like a new-waver, like faggots
(oh, really) it was kind of, a little disaster for
somebody different to live. Yeah, for sure, that would be really harsh.

So tell me about your family
My family! I have two brothers and a sister, and my father passed away
three years ago and my mom is working.
OK (Mm) Do you miss idaho?
Friends. I've made some best friends in Idaho actually.
Yeah, actually, I've lived in L.A., Washington State, but Idaho.
When is the last time, you were in Idaho?
When I, that's when I finished my program, so a long time ago. 10, wow, 12,
13 years ago.
W ow, that is a long time. OK, and where do you live now.
I live in Yokohama.

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