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What kind of hike does Steven talk about?
Listen and then click on the photo to see!


How many times has he climbed Mt. Fuji?

a) 4 times
b) 5 times
c) 6 times
What was quite high?
a) Their energy
b) Their body temperatures
c) Their spirits
What kept them from slipping on the ice?
a) Special ice shoes
b) They walked really slow
c) They used ropes
What are crampons?
a) Ice spikes (shoes)
b) Ice axes
c) Ice poles
Why did they not reach the top?
a) It was getting windy
b) It was getting dark
c) They were too tired

OK, Steven, what do you want to talk about? (Hiking!) Hiking! (Yeah).
Are you a big mountain man?
Yeah, yeah, I really love, I really love getting out into the mountains.
What mountains have you climbed?
Well, recently, I climbed Mt. Fuji.
Wow, how long did it take you to get to the top?
Well, I actually climbed Mt. Fuji on four different occasions.
Wow, really!
Yeah, so it was different times each trek.
Ok, did you go in summer or in spring?
No actually, the first time I went in, to climb Fuji was in the winter.
Wow, man that must have been cold.
Yeah, well, it wasn't too bad. We had warm clothes and, you know, we
were constantly walking, so our body temperature was quite high.

Didn't you slip on the ice? Wasn't the ice really slippery?
Uh, well, we had crampons and ice axes with us.
Really, I'm sorry, you had "crampons"?
Yeah, they're like spikes that go on your feet, yeah, basically ice shoes, yeah.
(Oh, wow!) so you can actually walk on the ice with these shoes without
slipping, no problem.

Really! (Yeah) What was it like on the top?
Well, on that particular occasion we didn't get to the top because,
it was too late in the day. We would have arrived at the top just as the
just was setting.
(Mmh) and it would have been very dangerous I think
coming back down, so.

Because it would have been dark?
Yeah, yeah.
OK. Wow, well, really impressive.
Yeah, I really loved it.
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