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What is his hobby?

a) Fishing
b) Volleyball
c) Surfing
When does he go to the beach?
a) Every day
b) The weekend
c) National holidays
What things does he do at the beach?
a) Barbeque
b) Play frisbee
c) Read a book
When did he start surfing?
a) Age 9
b) Age 10
c) Age 14
How are the beaches different in Australia?
a) They are bigger
b) They have white sand
c) Both

Trevor, do you like the beach?
I love the beach. The beach is great.
OK. Why do you love the beach?
Oh..it's nice fresh air, beautiful water,
you can play in the sand.
And..uh..My hobby is surfing,
so I like to go surfing.

Oh..nice. How often do you go surfing?
I try to go as often as possible, usually every weekend.
OK. When do you go to the beach? Saturday? Sunday?
Uh..usually early on a Saturday morning. (OK. so...)
Try to beat the crowds.
OK. Uh..what do you do at the beach besides surfing?
Oh..just relax on the sand, watch the people,
maybe have a swim, throw a frisbee

Things like that!
How long have you been surfing?
Since I was ten years old.
Wow, since you were ten. That's great! Ah..
W hat do you take to the beach..when you go?
Um..a towel, and my hat, my sunscreen,
my surfboard, wetsuit, some food and water,
and maybe a radio.

OK. Now, you are from Australia. How are the beaches
different in Australia than Japan?
The beaches are much bigger and white sand,
clean water, very nice.

OK. Well, sounds good. Thanks a lot Trevor.
OK. Catch you later.

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