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Listen and then click on the photo to see!


How many cameras does he have?

a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
What kind of camera does he like to use?
a) Disposable
b) Traditional
c) Digital
When does he like to photograph?
a) People
b) Landscapes
c) Both
What does he make a silly face?
a) When having his picture taken
b) When talking to people on the phone
c) When looking in the mirror
What is embarassing?
a) His wedding photos
b) His high school photos
c) His childhood photos

Trevor, do you have a camera?
Yeah, I have two cameras. I have a digital camera
and a SLR camera.

OK. Uh..which one do you prefer?
Uh..recently I am using the digital camera a lot.
I can make the photos on my personal computer.

OK. Uh..what do you like to take photos of?
I like to take photos of people, mainly,
sometimes landscapes but mainly people.

Now you mean your family or strangers?
Oh, family and friends, sometimes strangers.
Oh, OK. Uh..do you mind being photographed?
No, I like it! No, I'm not shy.
OK. Do you smile when people take your picture?
Sometimes, or I might make a silly face.
A silly face! OK. Um..what kind of pictures
do you like to look at?
I like to look at..uh..nice landscapes, and cityscapes.
Yeah, photographs taken in the city.
OK. Great! And do you have pictures of yourself as a child?
Oh, I've got a couple at home, but they're
a bit embarassing.

OK. Do you have any pictures of your family in your wallet?
Yeah, I've got a picture of my mum and dad.
Oh, Wow! Wow, that's nice! OK. Thanks, Trevor.

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