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Listen and then click on the photo to see!


What kind of dog does Trevor have ?

a) Terrier
b) Boxer
c) Poodle
What does his dog have?
a) Short stubby nose
b) White fluffy hair
c) Long tail
Why are dogs so popular?
a) They are sweet
b) They are loyal
c) They are stupid
Are dogs cheap or expensive to keep?
a) Expensive
b) Cheap
c) It depends
What are some costs assiciated with keeping a dog?
a) Vet costs
b) Food
c) Both

Trevor, do you have a dog?
Yeah, I do have a dog.
What kind of dog?
Uh, my dogs a boxer
A boxer. What does a boxer look like?
A boxer is medium size. She's got short hair
and a very short stubby nose. And no tail.

No, tail. Nice. Which do you prefer dogs or cats?
I'm a dog person. I like dogs.
OK. Why?
Um, dogs are a man's best friend
and they are always loyal.

OK. What do you mean loyal? What does loyalty mean?
Oh, they'll stay with you, even through the hard times.
OK. Um, which breed or kind of dog do you like besides boxers?
I like labrodors and I like, uh, small terriers.
Small terriers
Small terriers. A Jack Russell small terrier
What color is a terrier?
Black and white.
Black and white. All right! What are some costs
associated with keeping a dog?
Um, pretty cheap really. You got some vet costs
if they get sick and they got
to have needles, but food.
That's about it really.

OK. Great. All right. Thanks a lot Trevor
See ya later!



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Q2: Have...?

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Q4: Are...?

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