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What does he like to do at night ?

a) Watch TV
b) Read books
c) Surf the internet
When does he usually get home?
a) Between 5 and 5:30
b) Between 6 and 6:30
c) Between 7 and 7:30
How does he get home?
a) By car
b) By bus
c) By train
When does he wake up??
a) 6:00
b) 6:30
c) 7:00
What is the weather like now?
a) It is getting cooler
b) It is always cloudy
c) It is getting warmer

Let's talk about the evening. Nighttime activities.
Uh..Trevor what do you do in the evening?
Uh..when I get home from work, I like to relax,
have a drink, and..uh..watch TV.

OK. When do you usually get home at night?
About 7:00 or 7:30. About that time.
OK. How do you go home? Do you drive or take the train?
Oh, I take the train.
OK. And when do you go to bed?
I'm usually about midnight.
At midnight. That's pretty late.
Yeah, I'm pretty tired by then.
OK. When do you wake up the next day?
Wow! You only get six and a half hours sleep a night.
That's all I need.
Man, you're a strong guy! Um..how often do you look at the stars?
Uh..not so often but sometimes I can see them
when I'm walking home. And sometimes the moon!

The moon. OK! Can you see the stars from your house?
Nice. Um..is it cold at night where you live?
At the moment, yeah, but it is getting warmer,
summer is approaching

OK. And do you prefer the morning or the evening?
I'm a morning person.
Oh, me, too. I'm the same. Last question,
can you stay up all night?
If I have a good reason, but usually I get tired
after midnight

OK. Yeah, me too. All right, thanks Trevor.
See you later!

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