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Working Girl
Lois talks about the
first job she ever had
Cuba and Japan
Ben compares capitalism
and communism
First Job
Marion asks her friend, Steve, about the first job
he ever had.
Playing sports
in Kenya

Alex talks about
his favorite sport
"Why do we
need lawyers?"

Alexandra talks about lawyers
Is World Trade
good or bad?

Jamie thinks about the good
and bad of free trade.
"Everything had

Alexandra talks about a
bad hurricane in Miami
Raphael talks about
what he specializes in
Her Time in Poland
Charlotte talks about
living in Poland
Wiped Out!
Ivan talks about a
hurricane he remembers
Mark talks about some
of the locals in his area

All About Australia
Mike gives some interesting facts about his home country

Japanese Learners
Ben talks about how the
Japanese are unique

I wanted to cry!
Charlotte talks about her
first teaching experience
with five year old children

Best Movie
Mike and Simon talk about
trilogies they love
"It's a fantastic

Jamie talks about his
favorite movie
What to do in England
Jason gives some travel tips
What a scare!
Ashley talks about a
horseback riding trip

Let's talk business
Alexandra explains her job

Island Worries!
Todd and Christine talk
global warming.