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Teacher of
the Airwaves!

Anelli talks about
her first job
"Hey, I love your scarf!"
Anili talks a little about where it is
warm and where it is hot.
 Life Down Under
Nicola talks about why
Australia is cool but
different from Japan
 Home Sweet Home
Nic talks about the rooms
in her house and the things
inside it.

Fishing Under Water....with a Spear!
Learn about spear fishing!

All About Australia
Mike gives some interesting
fact about his home country

"Can you surf?"
Sophie talks about what she can do

What is big?
Sophie talks about opposites

"Learnt a lot!"
Sophie talks about high school
Life in Australia
Sophie talks about her country, her city
and her plans
Are you into art?
Trevor talks about art!
"The beach is great!"
Trevor talks about the beach
"Dogs are a man's best friend"
Trevor talks about dogs
Nighty, night!
Trevor talks about what
he does in the evening
Say Cheese!
Trevor talks about cameras
and photos
Aussie Rules!
Aaron talks about the
Australian government
Australian Landscape
Aaron describes the geography
of his country
Growing up in Auz!
Aaron talks about life
as a kid in Australia
Australian Wildlife
Aaron talks about the some
creatures scary to all
Aaron talks about
local folklore
"It's chewy"
Aaron talks about some
surprising animals that
Australians eat
Aaron talks about
sports he plays
It's your right to vote!
 Aaron and Todd talk about
voting in their countries