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What comes to mind?
Kerys is asked about opposites!

 Home Sweet Home
Nic talks about the rooms
in her house and the
things inside it.
 Let's talk
about colors!

Norm talks about colors.
"What do people
call you?"

David has a nickname.
He talks about it
and how he got it.

What is a Kiwi?
Do you know what a Kiwi is?
Find out from Leo

 What is red,
blue, gray?

Clare talks about colors
What is blue to you?
Kanade talks about how
she feels about her sister
 Diving in the Big
Blue Sea

Matt talks about his love
of diving in the sea

 Sushi, Sushi, Sushi!
Matt talks about why
he eats a lot of sushi

Josh talks about fishing and
why he can not eat fish

Wanna play rugby?
Leo talks about his
nation's most popular sport

 Life Down Under
Nicola talks about why
Australia is cool but
different from Japan
Hometown Waterfall
Kanade talks about growing
up in her small town
For the love
of soccer

Simon talks about his
love of soccer
Keep on moving!
Theo is moving. Why?

Going Home
for Summer

Gabriele is going home.
Listen to her plans


What is big?
What is Small?

Cat is asked about things
big, small, cheap,
and expensive.

Can you sing
and dance?

Norm talks about what
he likes to do and what
he does not like to do

Full House
Daisuke talks about
where he lives and
why he might move.

 "It's a big house!"
Clare describes her house
back in England